2021 5th in State Design and Technology

Frank Stillitano Magdalene CC Wollongong Diocese - Pitch Video.mp4

Mid-Rise CLT Eco Office Building

Winner of STEM MAD National Major Award

The Future is STEM

The purpose of the project was to design and produce a sustainable mid-rise office building that provides the required facilities to perform conventional clerical tasks, whilst upholding sustainable and ethical design practices in all stages of its lifecycle. The building provides areas such as office spaces and conference rooms for white-collar workers to execute their work in an efficient and proactive manner. Through the use of alternate biopositive and low embodied construction materials, the mid-rise office building successfully meets each of the Aerotropolis’ sustainability objectives and thus set the standard for more Blue-Green Infrastructure in the Sydney CBD.

Magdalene Catholic College

Frank Stillitano Magdalene CC Wollongong Diocese - - Final CAD Plans.pdf